Snow Valley Lodging


Adventure Bike Tour


When our guests rent our free bikes for the day, they always ask the same question… “Where should we go?”

Get your helmets and sunscreen ready for a day of adventuring Fernie! Don’t worry, we provide the helmets if you do not have one. We made sure to add all of Fernie’s hot spots to our SVL adventure Bike Map and you wont be disappointed by our choices. We have said it once and we will say it till we are blue in the face. SUPPORT LOCAL!

Start with the amazing views of the Annex park and the other beautiful “photo-op spots”. No matter where you are in Fernie, there’s never a bad view. Experience frolf (frisbee golf) and find out why it’s Fernie’s second favourite pass time. Nothing will ever beat skiing/snowboarding lets be real. We have added local stops for sweet treats, pastries and even a drinky-poo or two. Treat ya self right?

Ask our Front Desk how you can rent our bikes for free and experience our SVL bike adventure map!

A. Snow Valley Lodging
Sign out a cruiser bike, make sure to sign the waiver!

B. Annex Park
Peddle through the park or along the river path

C. Happy Cow Ice Cream
Pick up an ice cream to enjoy along the river

D. Boat Launch
The perfect spot to enjoy your ice cream

E. James White Park
Have a cruise round the path, play a game of frolf or tennis

F. Fernie Museum
Learn the history of Fernie

G. Fernie Distillers
Enjoy Fernie’s best cocktail

H. Beanpod Chocolate, Gelato and Coffee
Enjoy a hot chocolate and grab some chocolates to take home

I. Le Bon Pain
Pick up a freshly baked pastry or baguette for tommorrows breakfast

J. Maiden Lake
Take in the stunning views of the Three Sisters

K. Fernie Brewing Co.
Finish off the day with a cold beer on the FBC deck

L. Dyke Trail
Follow the Dyke Trail on your way back to the hotel

Join our Strava Club

Join our Strava Club and guests with best times and most rides (in Fernie) will get free Snow Valley Lodging merchandise!

See our Front Desk chalkboard wall for our leaderboard. A little healthy competition always helps with those PB’s, hey? 

We also post our recommended hikes and bike trails of the week on our chalkboard.