Here’s why Fernie BC is such an amazing place to visit and call home for many. We know it has unbelievable biking & hiking trails, scenery, world class fishing & skiing, yes we know all that, but add to the list – hunting. I myself am a self confessed rookie, the guys that I hunt with will contest to that (probably too quickly for my liking), but hunting in the East Kootenays has been incredibly lucrative over the decades.

Open season is upon the valley and with it can come exhilarating highs and frustrations, all before dawn. We have guests staying with us this time of year from all over British Columbia, drawn to the East Kootenay region 4 because of the reputation of the valleys high elk, whitetail deer and mule deer populations. A six point elk is usually the box office draw! although moose, bear, cougar, goat, sheep and deer are all available.

I know big game hunting outfitters that have hectares of Crown Land to apply their trade, who entice national, overseas and across border hunters with the prize of a bear skin or a Rocky Mountain sheep mount to place in the office or above the bed!! I also know generations old local residents who may also be trying to land a Boone & Crockett sized bull elk or may, like me, be satisfied with ‘just meat on the table’.

Regardless of the hunt and personal desires, as long as the hunter remains ethical and the BC Wildlife Federation continue to apply logical and statistical documentation to control wildlife numbers, then the Elk Valley will remain natural and wild for generations to come.