One of Fernie BC’s hidden gems is Matheson Falls. Nestled on the south side of Historic downtown a short 15 minutes drive up Coal Creek road brings you to the Matheson bridge. From there it’s a 20 min meander up the Matheson creek to the spectacular falls. This is definitely the year to go with all the June rain we had in the valley, the falls are very impressive. Take the whole family and enjoy the challenge of making it through the slippy rocks along the creek bed or maybe go alone with a camera and just your thoughts.

The pool beneath the falls is worth a dip, if you’re brave enough, it was too cool for this group! Over hanging horizontal rock ledges make excellent exploring with the kids or sending sticks down the creek itself to find their way between the rocks and over mini waterfalls never gets old. We stayed for a while to watch a small bird hopping up and down the cliff face and passing behind the falls themselves as if playing a game of hide and seek! Pausing for a moment to soak up the natural beauty tucked away on our doorsteps, we turned and headed back the way we came, attempting not to slip on the greasy rocks on the way out!

Fernie BC is so lush and green right now, it is not always that way at this time of year. This was our first time hiking into these falls and it left it’s mark on us all. Truly spectacular.