We all wait for this scary, but fun day in October – Halloween!  There are so many different costumes, decorations, recipes and parties to choose from that it could become a little bit overwhelming! Stores, pubs and homes are decorated with sculps, spider nets, craved pumpkins, witches and so much more “halloweenish”.

Costumes are very important at Halloween especially here in Fernie. This year at The Pub (Park Place Lodge) you can win great prizes for wearing a super cool, original and fun costume! Also, the top three costumes competing for a chance to win a 2017/2018 season ski pass to Fernie Alpine Resort! We think this is a really good way to be creative, have so much fun and possibly save some money on that ski pass! Also, there is a dance party going on at the Fernie Art Station. There will be a DJ with good music, a bar and a professional Latin Dance Workshop to get your hips really going!

And if you get tired and would like to have a rest from all the celebrations, you are welcome of course at the Snow Valley Motel. Nothing scary is going on here, just a little bit scary how low our prices will be! Come to Fernie and check it out!