Happy New Year everyone!

I would like to share a little story with you, how I became a skier.

It seems like everyone living in Fernie are very good skiers or snowboarders. Well, they all do have this great opportunity as well – Fernie Alpine Resort! Living in Fernie for last 9 months I have met maybe one or two people who don’t go to the ski hill. For me, who is a newbie at this, Fernie ski hill looks scary and I kinda understand them. Before moving to Fernie I skied five times in my life. And coming from Estonia, compared to here, we actually do not have mountains there. So, I basically have skied on flat hills and called it mountain skiing. Here in Fernie I am a total beginner, who doesn’t know what she is doing.

I moved to Fernie at the end of March 2017, when Fernie Alpine Resort was open for only one more week for the ski season before closing. Me and my partner (who is actually from Fernie and a VERY good skier) also decided to go to the ski hill. We got there twice and both times I took a private lesson. In my opinion, I did pretty well. I got down from Mighty Moose and Deer Chair without hurting myself…much. I liked it and thought I should get into this winter sport.

Since then all this time, we have been working hard, saving money and getting all the gear for the upcoming ski season. We bought our winter season 2017-2018 passes in June. I got my ski boots from my friend and I was trying them on many times during the summer time to make sure that they are comfortable. I really think that boots are the most important thing in skiing. If your feet are sore, there is no fun. So, all this time I have been very excited and a little anxious at the same time for the upcoming ski season.

And there it was – December 2nd when Fernie Alpine Resort opened for the ski season. I went to the ski hill the next day. Mighty Moose which is a bunny hill was not opened. I was a little anxious to got straight to the Deer Chair. Luckily, I had a very good supporting team with me. I tried to ski down. It was the longest run down ever. My legs were sore, I couldn’t feel my feet, I was sweaty, and my tummy didn’t feel well after all of this. It took me 1 hour to get down. OMG, I was tired. Had a little break at SlopeSide. Tried to remember all the skiing basics, rested my feet and legs, cooled down and went back to the Deer Chair. The second run took me half the time to get down. It made more sense what was I doing and I got a little bit of confidence back. And I got the BUG. Since that day I wanted to go back to the hill every day I could. Every time I pushed myself a little harder. After 15 days at the hill I can say that I am pretty confident at the green and blue runs and trying to discover black ones. I enjoy being at the ski hill a lot, even when it is not that easy and scares me at some parts. It’s been open for only one month now but I am so ready for the coming months at the ski hill!