Mountain biking enthusiasts flock to Fernie BC during the summer months to experience what some of us, who call Fernie home, experience on a daily or nightly basis. I myself came over to Fernie in 1999 riding on the waves of hype over the newly named Fernie Alpine Resort. It was the renowned Fernie winter that I was enthused about, with the epic deep powder and stories of skiers wearing snorkels to breathe while descending through Cedar bowl.

The winters in Fernie are still epic, but I like many, have really found a love and inspiration in the mountain biking scene. With the on going revolution in mountain bike engineering, climbing the trails has never been so enjoyable. Carbon frames and alloy frames, different wheel sizes, single chain rings and seat dropper posts have been one upping each other year after year. Whether you ride a top end full suspension carbon frame or a hard tail the quality of Fernie’s trails will excite you every time. Either the sub 50 minute Swine Flu epic after work calorie burn or the vertical nightmare climb up Big money, whatever it is that spins your wheels mountain biking in Fernie has you covered.

This weekend The Guides Hut is providing two mountain biking courses both beginning at 9am on Saturday & Sunday. One is the Men’s Progressive Sessions and the other is The Trek Dirt Series-Women’s weekend. Both offering experienced mountain bike guides with valuable insights and explanations into becoming a better rider.

Also if you happen to be in town on a Tuesday or Thursday night, why not sign up for the Tuesday 2knee race or the Scott Thursday Night Race Series, both are lots of fun, challenging and even if you haven’t won, you sure will make new friends!

There are Fernie Hotels for everyone, but book on Toll Free 1877-696-7669 for the best in comfort, affordability and location.