Arrival Add-Ons

We have teamed up with the best of the best here in Fernie to bring arrival add-ons that can be waiting for you in the room. Is it your partner’s birthday and you would like flowers waiting in the room? No problem! Green Petal has beautiful flower bouquets. Why not add the best chocolate in Fernie and make it extra sweet! Beanpod Chocolate is the only Bean-To-Bar company in Canada that makes chocolate the traditional way.

All add-ons can be selected while completing your reservation over the phone with a front desk agent ONLY.

Add-on orders must be completed 72 hours prior to arrival date.

If you have an existing reservation and wish to do an add-on, please call our front desk directly and our front desk agent will add it to the reservation.

Beanpod Chocolate

Enjoy the decadent and coffee infused chocolate treats from Beanpod in Fernie. This option includes a box with an assortment of melt in your mouth chocolates.

Bean Pod Taster Box – $45.00/per box

Green Petal

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or even just because, flowers make a beautiful touch (plus they smell nice too!) Let us take care of the details with Green Petal in downtown Fernie. Arrangements start at $60.

Small Flower Arrangement: $60.00
Large Flower Arrangement: $90.00

Happy Cow

Homemade and delicious ice cream cakes that will sweeten any occasion! Happy Cow is Fernie’s favourite ice cream and it’s perfect for a birthday or anniversary. Each cake is $35.00 for a 6inch ice cream cake.

Choose from these cake flavours:

Raspberry – Vegan
Mango – Vegan

This May Sound Cheesy

An artisanal cheese and meat selection curated by Fernie’s local Cheese Shop Le Grande Fromage

*Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available

$20/per person

Breakfast in Your Fridge

Don’t have time to pick up breakfast? No problem we got you covered. A bag of 6 Big Bang Bagels (a local favorite), plain cream cheese and 12 OZ bag of Rooftop Coffee will all be ready and waiting in your fridge upon arrival.

*available only in Tiny Homes, One Bedroom, Two bedroom

$48 per package



Simple and classic.

1 Helium Balloon: $6.00
Select from 1 to 10 balloons

Due to COVID all of our amenities are available, some with restrictions. Please check with the Front Desk for updates.