What is Lake Koocanusa?

Lake Koocanusa, 30 mins south of Fernie BC is a reservoir stretching across British Columbia (Canada) and Montana (United States) and is 90 miles long, generating electric power for the US at the Libby Dam that was formed by damming the Kootenay River in 1972. Flooding the town sites of Waldo (Canada) and relocating the town of Rexford (United States).

These days however the lake has taken on a whole new recreational life of it’s own. On any given day during the months of July and August Lake Koocanusa is transformed from electric power provider to a magnet for recreational water crafts. From sailboats to jet skis the lake is providing thrill seeking enthusiasts a paradise of opportunities. Whether trying to harness the frequent winds by sail, surfing the waves or towing family and friends on a tube behind a speedboat, there is always action on the lake. Beautiful sandy beaches align the shores, some only accessible by water craft, allowing those that are fortunate enough a nights camping with their own private beachfront!

The waters are almost turquoise, not quite the Carribean, but fresh, clear and teeming with wildlife. Is it the unmistakable call of the loon, ducking and diving amongst the waves or the grace of the plummeting osprey and eagle as it folds in it’s wings before splashing through the glass like plain of water on a windless evening or the yipping and howling of coyotes just before the chaos of their attack is evident in the shrieks of panicked geese, awakening you in the middle of another clear and starry night?

Whatever it is that tops your list of favorite things to do at Lake Koocanusa, we need to take care of it and treasure the area so that future generations get to enjoy it as much as we do.