Shame on me for being so ill equipped to write about something upcoming in Fernie BC and to be writing about a freshly past event!

I speak of the Tears & Gears Duathlon event held every Labour Day weekend for the last 6 years in Fernie BC. Where competitors can solo or form a team to compete in mountain biking and trail running. It is hosted by Stag Leap Running Co. & the Fernie Fix magazine. It is roughly 25kms in total length.

We are so fortunate to have such a vast array of sporting, cultural and crafty events in this city, it sometimes makes singling out an event difficult. Not this year though, there was no difficulty at all. This event over the years has always connected with me on a very humbling level. At it’s conception it began with a local theme, known and unknown names and faces from Fernie pitted there wits, strengths and guile against each other for one years bragging rights. Teaming up were husbands and wives, parents teamed with there children, children teamed with their friends all lining up to battle it out. That’s how many of these events start in communities like this and here in Fernie it is no different. But fast forward 7 years and the event is blossoming, on a weekend packed with things to do, including two other highly popular events the Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam and the Demolition Derby, this one is a stand out for me and many others. Again this year, hotels were full and the event was very well represented by not just the locals, but from further west and east and the fastest soloist time and believe it or not fastest overall time came from the Crowsnest Pass, AB. Well done to you sir!

For me though this year was a supporting role, I’ve competed in this event before, biking with a running partner in previous years, but this time around I was thrilled to be able to watch and support three of my four girls take part, my wife Veronique who was soloing for the first time and daughters Anouk 10 yrs old and Makaela 8 yrs old plus their respective biking friends and race partners. The weather was fantastic for racing, the course was challenging and there were smiles all over the place! Well done to everyone, but especially well done to my girls.