What could be more enjoyable than parking your car and cruising the Elk river trail or Historical downtown in Fernie BC? That’s exactly what you can do once you’ve arrived at The Snow Valley Motel & RV Park. We’ve purchased four Specialized townie bicycles for you to borrow during your stay, so you no need sit in the car with the broken air conditioner or deal with the masses of vehicles trying to negotiate a course east or west this July! You’ve arrived in Paradise! Kick off the shoes, roll up the trousers, tuck in your skirt and pedal to the Elk river trail network with a picnic or the fishing rod and Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime playing in your head or wireless speaker, or on Sunday why not take in the Fernie Mountain Market at Rotary Park open 10am-2pm, ahhhh blissful Fernie, BC!!