COVID-19 Safety Plan

First level protection (elimination): Limit the number of people at the workplace and ensure physical distancing whenever possible

  • Front desk agent must wear mask in public spaces
  • Housekeeping must wear mask in public spaces
  • No Daily housekeeping available
  • Staff must have their mask with them at all time
  • When doing laundry use of masks are required
  • Guests must enter the front desk office with only one family needing to check in at a time, others can wait outside until physical space is achievable mask are mandatory
  • Guests and staff must enter through the front office door and leave through the back door if another guest is waiting outside to come in, creating one-way flow
  • When showing a room please use two meters between you and the guest. Do not enter room and do not let guests enter room. Wear of mask is mandatory.
  • Disinfect the door handle after each use
  • When the bikes are returned, thoroughly disinfect the bike and leave outside on the bike rack to dry. Do not ask the guest to bring the bikes in. Lock the bikes on the rack until you bring them in at night

Second level protection (engineering): Barriers and partitions

  • A plexiglass shield has been installed at the front desk
  • Arrows have been placed in the lobby to show the one-way flow
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in the lobby and at the guest laundry room
  • Hot tub area to be occupied by one family maximum of six people
  • Reservation are required at the front desk on the hour with a maximum of 30 minutes usage
  • 15 minutes cleaning prior to the next reservation
  • Hot tub area to be sanitize fully prior to the next user

Third level protection (administrative): Rules and guidelines

  • Reusable or non-reusable masks are available for staff members
  • Gloves are available for staff members
  • Disinfect the plexiglass shield after each guest has visited
  • Disinfect the front desk door handles, pens, POS machine etcwith disinfectant after each guest
  • Disinfect phone, printer, switchboard and wipe down the front desk at each staff switch over
  • Wash all key card at check out


To Our Guests

Out of consideration to other guests and members of staff we ask that you do not enter the property including office, Tiny home common space, guest laundry room and hot tub area if you are showing flu like signs of COVID-19.

We ask that you use your best determination and practice social distancing throughout the property especially in communal areas where direction on number of guests allowed is posted.

Please be patient and respectful as we move to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Thank You

The Team at Snow Valley Lodging



Due to COVID all of our amenities are available, some with restrictions. Please check with the Front Desk for updates.